New Beer Brand: The Hop Concept

May 01, 2018

“THC is our Hop-focused brand. We continually look at this brand for new varieties, blends, and flavor opportunities. So far it’s been all IPA-styled beers but we know there is room to expand the range in the future. While we love to tell stories on Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey, with The Hop Concept we wanted to create something that was more stripped down, more to the point. This led us to name the beers with their exact taste profile and aromas, such as Dank and Sticky and Tropical and Juicy. The goal was to attract both the beer connoisseur who knew exactly what he wanted in a beer, as well as creating something approachable to the newly indoctrinated.”

Q & A with Tommy Arthur, Brewmaster of Lost Abbey and Port Brewing

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What was the first beer you made that you were proud of?

I would have to say the original batch of Santa’s Little Helper was one that sticks with me. It was such a perfect representation of what I was aiming for. I also have a real soft spot in my memory for how well Hop 15 was executed from day one. That recipe blends a nice malted base with crushing amounts of Hops. Lately though, my pride is in the Hop Concept Dank and Sticky. Such a scary easy beer to put down.

What made you want to become a brewer?

I personally fell in love with the artistry that brewing provided me. The use of four ingredients to make something that can be so varied in terms of flavor and intensity has never left me. I continue to be amazed by how many different ways that beer can be explored. I personally view our production as liquid art. But I know many a brewer who believes in the liquid science part of the process.

You have two brands, why would you add a third?

We initially came up with the idea for the Hop Freshener beers as a stand-alone series. When we started the conversations as to which brand it would go under, we came to realize that we couldn’t put it under Port Brewing or The Lost Abbey, as it would step all over both brand’s identity, which we’ve spent years building. After months of debates, we finally all agreed that a third brand, The Hop Concept, would need to be created.

What do you drink when not drinking your beers?

Typically Black Iced Tea straight up. Bourbon?

Favorite Yoga Pose?

Ask my wife? I don’t know any.

What was the best book you read recently?

“The Book of Mormon.” It reminded me why I got into the alcohol business.

If someone played you in a movie who would it be?

Seth Rogen, probably.

Dank & Sticky
Our inaugural release boasts aromas of citrus, and dank, resinous pine. As the flavor opens, huge notes of stonefruit and dank resin give way to a juicy malt backbone and drying hop bitterness on the finish.

Citrus & Piney
Bold orange peel and honey aromas with a faint hint of bready malt define this IPA. The citrus and piney are both on full display, with tangerine and grapefruit notes that lead to a crisp spicy finish.

Lemon & Grassy
Our summer IPA features tangy, floral hops on the nose with aromas of fresh-cut grass and lemon peel. On first sip, tangelo and lemon zest burst through with emerging hints of spice from the hops, all balanced by a faint caramel malt backbone.

Tropical & Juicy
Tropical and Juicy India Pale Ale brewed with Grapefruit Juice Aromas of floral citrus and mango dominate this release. While the flavor leads with a burst of bright papaya, pineapple and tangerine, and finishes with hints of spice from the hops and a clean, sweet malt undertone.

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