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Breakthru Beverage California, formerly Wine Warehouse, proudly represents a carefully cultivated portfolio of fine wine, world class craft and import beer, artisanal spirits, and specialty beverages. This diverse selection of offerings position the company and our partners with a strong and sustainable route to all channels of the California market, and allows our team to optimize our approach to building brands, account by account, call by call.

California Proposition 65 requires (1) all manufacturers and distributors to provide necessary Proposition 65 Warning signs to retailers and (2) requires retailers to post the signs provided that are in compliance with the “safe harbor” text with the correct dimensions so that consumers will read the warning before purchase.  Links are downloadable and printable signs for the alcoholic beverages and BPA warnings and you may also request signs that are already printed from the distributor.

 Clickable PDFs:      Prop 65 Alcohol Warning       Prop 65 BPA Warning



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