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Our Mission

Breakthru Beverage California, formerly Wine Warehouse, is a multi-generational, family owned and operated, wholesale distributor of fine wine, beer and spirits for California. The company was established in 1973 by passionate wine collectors, Bob and Jim Myerson, who sought to bring fine wine to a new and rapidly growing market.

That same vision and commitment to quality continues today. Breakthru Beverage California’s unique brand and category mix is a nationally recognized portfolio in the premium beverage alcohol space. Our dedicated and knowledgeable employees are uniquely qualified to deliver this exceptional portfolio to one of the most sophisticated and demanding markets in the country. Under the leadership of our dynamic executive team, including second-generation owners, Jim Myerson and Linda Myerson Dean, Breakthru Beverage California continues a tradition of bringing superb products to California supported by an unsurpassed team of dedicated professionals.

About Breakthru Beverage Group 

Breakthru Beverage Group is one of the leading alcohol wholesalers in the United States and the largest broker in Canada representing a full total beverage alcohol portfolio of spirits, wine, and beer. Breakthru is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and supports a wide range of notable organizations as well as local charitable initiatives across its North American footprint.  Across all markets, Breakthru aligns a nimble and insightful approach to sales, marketing, and operations. Family ownership is active in the business and committed to being stewards of heritage and champions of innovation. For more information, visit www.BreakthruBev.com.

Our History

  • Early Years

  • 1912-1966

Myerson Family Footprint

1912 Ben Myerson starts his first job in the candy industry.

1937 The Ben Myerson Candy Company is founded.

1946 Ben’s son, Bob, is discharged from the Army and joins the company.

1949 Ben’s younger son, Jim, graduates from Stanford University and joins the company.

1955 Ben Myerson Candy acquires Christopher Candy Company, the oldest candy company in the west (founded in 1887) and their signature fruit jelly product “Christopher’s Fruit Gems.”

1966 Under a licensing agreement with Sunkist Growers, Christopher’s Fruit Gems become Sunkist Fruit Gems which is the candy industry gold standard for jelly candy sold in all 50 states and 8 foreign countries.

  • Bob and Jim Myerson found Wine Warehouse

  • 1973 – Present

1973 Wine Warehouse Imports begins operations.

1976 James P. Myerson (JP), Bob’s older son graduates from Stanford and joins the company.

1978 Wine Warehouse is an established wholesaler of premium wine from around the world representing nearly half the bonded wineries in Napa at the time.
1981 Linda Myerson, Bob’s daughter graduates from Wellesley College and joins the company.
1982 Wine Warehouse becomes the first statewide distributor by opening an office in South San Francisco.

1993 Jim Myerson retires, James P. Myerson is named President of Wine Warehouse.

1995 Wine Warehouse acquires a premier craft and specialty beer distributor in Southern California cementing the company’s future as the leader in the category.

2006 Bob Myerson retires and sells the Candy Company to Jelly Belly Candy Company.

2009 James P. Myerson becomes Chairman of Wine Warehouse.

2012 James P. Myerson and his sister Linda Myerson Dean purchase the remaining stock in the company from Bob Myerson.

2013 Wine Warehouse a recognized leader in fine wine, craft beer and artisanal spirits, celebrates 40 years as a family owned business.

2023 Wine Warehouse joins Breakthru Beverage Group to become Breakthru Beverage California.


Our company started with a single container of French Burgundy. 40 years later, Breakthru Beverage California formerly Wine Warehouse is a leader of the premium beverage industry and offers more than 10,000 wines, beers, and spirits to license holders in the State of California. Even as we continue to grow, we have never sacrificed quality. A deep passion for quality runs through each part of the business and allows us to consistently deliver premium wines, craft beers, and artisan spirits across California.

As a family owned and operated business, Breakthru Beverage California formerly Wine Warehouse was built on integrity. Our employees, supplier partners, and accounts enjoy full transparency and honest business practices. We believe that effective communication and teamwork creates a trusting work environment.

Pictured Left to Right (Bob, Ben and Jim Myerson)

In 1973, brothers Bob and Jim Myerson founded Wine Warehouse hoping to share their enthusiasm for premium wine with the Southern California wine trade. The business that started between two brothers has grown to house more than 600 employees at two locations, including second generation owners Jim Myerson and Linda Myerson Dean. Through its evolving work structure and expanding portfolio, Wine Warehouse has maintained an unfailing, close-knit, family atmosphere. Each worker shares the same enthusiasm for premium beverages that the Myerson brothers shared in 1973.

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