New Spirits Brand: Madre Mezcal

Mar 19, 2019

Tu Madre! A trip into the dusty hills of Oaxaca with new spirits brand Madre Mezcal.

It’s not often you come across a beverage that reminds you of the human that you are—that tastes of the ancient earth we walk, the soil from which we grow and decay. Aromas of a wild wind blowing through forests of thought and contemplation, a mouthful of untamed spirit, lips lingered with memories of a distant people, and a belly full of subtle fire, soothing the path between now and next. This is, of course, mezcal—Madre Mezcal.

For Tony Farfalla, the surrealist visions of Oaxaca have always played a role in the creation of Madre Mezcal. His early untamed trips getting lost in the southern Mexican state, always involved the destined search for great agave spirits. And after years of working with a family of generational mezcaleros, the possibility of sharing his dusty desert dream with the world, became a reality.

For years, Farfalla smuggled back mezcal in plastic Coke bottles, sharing the extraordinary spirit with friends north of the border. Soon, he was overtaken with requests and orders for more mezcal, and began finding new, more adventurous ways to send the precious elixir back home. He would write the word Madre (mother) with black marker on each bottle, before giving it away. A word that honored the place where mezcal comes from, and those who truly support the process of making it. Today, Madre carries the same name, and is made by the same family in Oaxaca.

Madre is produced by Jose Ines Garcia Morales and his family. Their small palenque (mezcal distillery), resides in the rolling hills outside San Dionisio, where well-water and clean air are among the active ingredients in the process. Each step of making this mezcal is personal and hands-on. Jose’s father and brothers lift and cut the agaves, his mother blesses the agave hearts before cooking them in the earth, his wife plants new agaves on the land, and an extended group of uncles and cousins oversee the hours of distillation.

A respect for the plant, the earth, and the process of making mezcal, is at the heart of the fiery spirit. One of the oldest distilled drinks in the world, the ancient craft of mezcal production is steeped in honor for agaves and the time they take to grow.

While some spirits are aged in wood barrels, mezcal ages inside the plant. Sometimes taking 15+ years to reach maturity, the agave requires patience and time before it is ready to be used for mezcal. Madre insures that this respect will continue, with an expanding sustainability program that consciously harvests and replants agaves.

As Madre continues to grow, it is a priority to preserve the conditions of its creation. With a focus on sustainability and eco-awareness, the brand is reinvesting in new ideas concerning each part of production. From recycled glass bottles, to wild agave cultivation program, the brand has committed to producing a quality ethical product.


Madre carries a hint of smoke with a sweet copal fragrance. Herbal notes of sage, earth and minerals appear on the tongue, with a lingering floral finish.

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