Upland Brewing: Sour, Wild and Funk Fest 2018

Apr 24, 2018

On a cold and sunny Saturday earlier this month…

…Upland Brewing Co hosted their 7th Annual Sour, Wild and Funk Fest at Mavris Arts & Events Center in Indianapolis.  The historic three story space was decorated with the original paintings used as the basis for Upland’s sour beer labels. Over 1100 visitors sampled the beers from 50+ breweries, pouring more than 150 sour, wild and funky beers.  The only beer alternative to sour, wild and funky beers was a refreshment stand serving Champagne Velvet Pils.

It was an impressive list of breweries. Teams of volunteers and brewery reps poured rarities from The Lost Abbey, Bruery Terreux, Mikkeller, Cascade, Rare Barrel and many others from all over the country and even some Belgian beers like the mighty lambics by Boon.  Of course Upland Brewing brought out all the good stuff and the line to their table was the longest.

If seeking the finest sour beers is your thing, I’d highly recommend putting this event in your calendar for 2019.

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