Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde Celebrates 25 Years

Sep 12, 2019

The renowned La Fin du Monde, Unibroue’s flagship Tripel ale, celebrates its 25th year with the distinction of being the most awarded beer in Canada.

Unibroue_master brewer_jerry vietz

First brewed in February 1994, it took 18 months of research before La Fin du Monde saw the light of day. Representative of a style that was originally developed by medieval monks for special occasions, it is a premium beer with a surprising finesse, brewed and refermented in the bottle – a first in the American market at the time of launch. True to tradition, Unibroue brewed this beer in honor of the French explorers who, when they discovered North America, believed they had reached “the end of the world.”

To date, it has won 55 medals and honors from top international competitions, including 13 platinum distinctions and 29 golds at prestigious events such as the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute’s World Beer Championships and the World Beer Awards.

“La Fin du Monde is our flagship brand” says Jerry Vietz, Brewmaster for Unibroue. “With this beer alone, we have won 55 international medals, including 2 prestigious awards at the World Beer Awards in London, England, where it received the title of ‘World’s Best Belgian Style Tripel.’”

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Unibroue_blanche de chambly-can

Like good wine, La Fin du Monde’s flavors develop with age, becoming smoother over time, revealing notes of honey and candied fruit and developing a more assertive and lasting flavor. This phenomenon is known as “maderization” and is similar to the aging process of dessert wines like port.

Unibroue’s new Autre Chose Peach IPA is now available for a limited time in select markets including CA, FL, MA, MI, Las Vegas, NV and Long Island, NY after a successful initial opening in Canada. The Peach IPA is the first of the Autre Chose series, which will deliver surprising new beer releases throughout the year. Each beer in the Autre Chose series, meaning “something else,” is designed to push back the limits of the brewery’s traditions, offering stylistic novelties different from the bottle fermented Belgian Style beers Unibroue has built its reputation upon.


unibroue_la fin du monde_bottle

The aroma is comprised of musty, yeasty scents and wild spices, with notes of nectarines, coriander and oranges, as well as sweet malt. Also note an herbal, medicinal note. The flavor presents a very complex mix of peppery clove spiciness, malty sweetness, and fermented fruits, which linger into the dry, very bitter finish

Unibroue Blanche de Chambly 16oz can

Notes of dried orange peel and coriander seeds, this brew is a worthy representative of classic Belgian-style white wheat beers. To date, it has won more than 34 international medals, including being named “The World’s Best White Beer” on numerous occasions. Unibroue is proud to brew the most popular white beer in Quebec.

unirboue_autro chose peach ipa

With a nose of ripe peaches and delicate fragrance of fresh hops that come together to perfectly withstand a bold and balanced bitterness, the very first beer of our new Autre Chose series will charm your taste buds. Get ready, because this is something else!

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