The Sound of Cocktails

Jun 20, 2019



On June 5th in Los Angeles, 10 mixologists went head-to-head in the semi-final round for The Black Cow Cup: an international competition Black Cow Vodka holds every summer. But this isn’t just a competition for who can make the “best drinks.” A theme is decided each year that challenges participants to showcase their skills and sense of imagination.

The theme for this year is SYNESTHESIA: SONIC COCKTAILS: IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE, PLAY ON. Bartenders are to create a drink that engages all five senses, which is where things get interesting. In addition to being judged on standard criteria like presentation, originality, and taste — an important factor is the mixologist’s song of choice that accompanies their concoction.

The co-founder of Black Cow Vodka, Paul ‘Archie’ Archard explains:

“We are asking entrants to consider the use of sound when designing their drinks in order to elevate the drinking experience… it may be that you design the consumption of your drink to take place with a soundtrack, a piece of music or even in complete silence. However you choose to utilise sound to make the drink, whatever your idea, we can’t wait to experience them with you.”

Michael Blum won with his Night Vision cocktail, inspired by the song “Strange Brew” by Cream. Blum and the other winners from each regional heat will be invited to participate in The Black Cow Cup grand final that takes place on September 4th and 5th 2019.

Pictured below are the sonic cocktails that were made in the competition, including the mixologist, drink name and song. For more information about Black Cow Vodka and their annual competition, visit their website.

Kevin Bartlett's Kayleigh’s Cvlt Suicide, God is War album by All Pigs Must Die
Michael Blum's Night Vision, “Strange Brew” by Cream
Niki Kotantoulas' No may tocar Los Melones, Daddy Yankee
Ivan Mateo's Strawberry Fields, “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles
Michael Misetich's Cliffs Edge, “Ocean Waves” by Michael Misetich
China Morbosa's Dead End Street, “Dead End Street” by The Kinks
Dan Rook's The Consequence of Sound, “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac and “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin
Jessica Smyth's Ring My (Cow) Bell, “Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward

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