The Resurrection of Merlot

Oct 21, 2016

Rabble Wine Co releases their new 2015 Merlot from the Mossfire Ranch Vineyard in Paso Robles.

Rabble:  A Rabble is defined as a “Disorderly Mob” a collection of people bound together to achieve a common goal and often raucous. Rabble Wines push the limits of conventional wineries and offer opportunities to think, act and ultimately drink differently.


The Wines:  The Rabble wines are created from their single vineyards in Santa Maria and Paso Robles.  Each wine showcases hand crafted truth in varietal and place. The farmers and winemakers use natural techniques and styles to deliver wines with purity of fruit that Mother Nature delivers in the vineyards.

The Vineyard: At the confluence of sun, snow, stream and sea is Mossfire Ranch.  Planted in 1996 on steep hillsides and a rolling valley floor in Paso Robles, the vineyard weathers 40 degree diurnal shifts, snow dustings, summer sun and bitter winds. The extremity of the climate creates fruit of uncommon concentration and uniform ripeness.

The Merlot:  Dusty, dark berries give way to ripe plum, dried violets and black tea.  Rich, layered fruit is balanced by firm, fine tannins and a backbone of racing acidity.  For those who have forgotten, and those who never lost faith, this Merlot will not disappoint.

Rob Murray Owner & Grower

In his diverse career, Rob Murray has overseen everything from large scale operations in Hawaii farming bananas and stone fruit, to boutique vineyards for small growers on the Central Coast of California. Rob’s family is rooted in agriculture, and he began to work on their San Joaquin Valley farm at the age of five. He holds a degree in Agricultural Management from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and owns and manages ~1000 acres of Central Coast vineyard land. Rob’s brands all reflect his attention to detail in the vineyard and strong passion for farming for quality

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