Tanael Escartin: Brewmaster at Uinta

Mar 03, 2018

Tanael Escartin, a Venezuelan native, joined Uinta Brewing Company in March of 2017 as one of the country’s only female Brewmasters.

After earning her degree in Chemical Engineering, Tana got her start in the beer industry at Empresas Polar, Venezuela’s largest brewery. Quickly recognized for her talent for pairing yeast and grains, Tanael was selected as the first woman the brewery sponsored to study Brewing Science in Germany, where she earned her Master of Biotechnology Engineering with focus on Brewing Science from the Technical University of Berlin.

Upon returning to Polar Brewery, Tana worked her way up through the ranks before moving to the United States to work as a brewery consultant in Fort Collins, CO. After one year consulting for multiple breweries, assisting with production expansion and operations, Tanael landed a lead role as Director of Brewing Operations at Palmetto Brewing Co. in South Carolina, becoming the state’s first female Brewmaster.

Tanael’s passion and knowledge has inspired many to learn the scientific principals behind brewing and become schooled brewmasters themselves.

“My goals in the craft brewing industry are to share my experience and my knowledge with any brewer who is passionate about brewing, emphasize the importance of consistency in the quality of our beers and try to find balance between the freedom needed to create innovative beer recipes and the structure, given by process procedures and specifications necessary to run a healthy beer business”

A Stanford University study found that out of 1,700 active breweries surveyed, only 4% had a female head brewer or brewmaster.

An Auburn University study found women represented only 29% of all brewery workers.

In the early days of the craft beer revolution, women were few and far between in college level brewing classes. Now they represent approximately 20% of the room.

While still underrepresented, much of the growth in the craft industry can be attributed to female drinkers, currently representing 32% of craft beer consumption.

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