Scotch in a New World

Nov 09, 2018

In the 21st century, Single Malts are the next big (old) thing. No one knows this better than Richard Paterson, man behind legendary brand The Dalmore.

If you’ve ever seen Richard “The Nose” Paterson, the Master Distiller for The Dalmore, give a presentation you know what to expect. He will fill a glass a third of the way full of ice and whisky and then toss the contents from the glass across the room and onto the floor! He’s making a point about watering down good Scotch. These days, people are drinking their Scotch on the rocks, neat, with a splash of water, and how a lot of the world drinks it, as a Highball.

That being said, if you run into Richard and it comes up, let him know you drink The Dalmore neat. You’ll make his day. He feels that if you want to really get all those amazing chocolate and orange notes that exist and the amazing sherry cask finishes that The Dalmore brings forward, you have to drink the whisky in its intended form.

However, Scotch is no longer that stuffy drink that your father and his father drank. That’s right! Single malts are the next big (old) thing! Ten years ago people looked at bourbon and rye as something their elders drank as well. Now look at where the bourbon and rye market has gone. It’s through the roof!

The general public is becoming more and more informed on whiskies every day. When people know all there is to know about bourbon and rye, they’re going to head straight to Scotch! There are a lot of amazing whiskies being made today even though they may only be a few years in age. One of the many great things about Scotch is the history. There’s nothing cooler than enjoying an incredible dram from a distiller like The Dalmore and know that you’re drinking in 180 years of history.

The legend of The Dalmore dates back to 1263, when Colin of Kintail, Chief of the clan Mackenzie, saved King Alexander III of Scotland from a charging stag. As a reward the grateful King, granted Colin of Kintail the lands of Eilean Donan, the motto “Luceo Non Uro,” which translates to “I Shine, Not Burn” and the right to use the 12 pointed Royal Stag as the Mackenzie clan crest.

The distillery itself was established many years later in 1839 by entrepreneur Alexander Matheson, who after 28 years decided it was time to pass the distillery onto new owners. Andrew and Charles Mackenzie came forward, and as members of the clan Mackenzie they brought with them the iconic 12 pointed Royal Stag emblem, which has adorned every bottle of The Dalmore. Operations ran fairly smoothly at the distillery until 1917, when the British Royal Navy began to use the firth next to the distillery as a site for the production of deep sea mines.

In 1920 much of the distillery was destroyed by an explosion and the fire that came as a result of a mine detonation incident. The subsequent legal battle between Andrew Mackenzie and the Royal Navy lasted over half a decade, even reaching the House of Lords. The distillery remained family-owned until 1960 when one of Dalmore’s main customers, Whyte & Mackay, took control.

A significant contributor to W&M’s blends, for many years Dalmore’s presence in the world of single malt was restricted to a 12 year old expression. In recent times however the range has expanded dramatically, with a core range of 12, 15, 18 and 25 years old, plus no age statement specialties like King Alexander III, Cigar Malt. In addition The Dalmore also offers an ever growing selection of luxury expressions such as the 21 strong Constellation range along with 35, 40 and 45 year marques. Prices at the highest end regularly top five figures.


Scents of citrus fruits, chocolate and aromatic spices. Flavor profile consists of concentrated citrus, oloroso sherry and hints of vanilla pod. Finishes with roasted coffee and chocolate.

Orange marmalade, cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose. Mandarin, vanilla, ginger and crushed apples on the palate. Christmas spice and oak finish.

Aromas of vanilla, dark chocolate, orange and cinnamon. Dark chocolate, candied citrus fruits, rich coffee, nutmeg and cloves on the tongue. Finishes with citrus fruit, oak and spice.

Bouquet of exotic fruits, marzipan, vanilla, toffee and sweet balsamic. Orange peel, chocolate truffle, licorice and sherry soaked rasin flavor profile.

Cinnamon, vanilla and red fruits on the nose. Tropical fruits, banana toffee and vanilla ice cream on the tongue. Closes with orange zest and bergamot.

Aromas of red berry fruits, fresh flowers and passion fruit. On the palate, citrus zest, vanilla pod and crème caramel. Sweet cinnamon and nutmeg finish.

Sweet red berries, plummy fruits and pecan pie on the nose. Flavors of concentrated citrus, oloroso sherry and hints of vanilla pod. Finishes with roasted coffee and chocolate.


JURA shines as the sole distillery on a remote Scottish island, established over 200 years ago in 1810. This ancient landscape of wild mountains, peaceful lochs, and raging seas is home to just 200 people. There is only one road, one pub, and one distillery. Jura has been crafting island matured whisky for two centuries. As peat was the main source of fuel on the island, the original distillery produced a smoky style of whisky. With the release of Jura 10 we are returning to this original style, first produced 207 years ago.

JOHN BARR was widely known in his homeland as a first class whisky man. Born in Speyside, Scotland, he rose through positions of prominence in the industry, ultimately traveling the globe as an ambassador of his country’s signature spirit. John Barr Black Reserve unites Highland malt and grain whiskies for structure and richness, and Speyside varieties for a mellow finish.

In 1907 Sir Ernest SHACKLETON set out to be the first man to reach the South Pole. Faced with life threatening conditions he chose to turn back, and in his hurry, left behind 11 bottles of Whisky. 100 years later, the Whisky was found, preserved in Antarctic tundra. Shackleton is a twenty-malt Scotch handcrafted from only Highland distilleries, recreating the style once commissioned by Ernest Shackleton.


“Rich and slightly smoky. Time in former Bourbon and oloroso Sherry barrels means that lip smacking hazelnut, brown sugar and cocoa take center stage.” 92pts Wine Enthusiast

Aromas of toffee, tropical fruits and cinnamon. Flavors of rich black forest fruit, cocoa. Gold, SF World Spirits Competition 2018

An aromatic fusion of coffee, ginger spice and a hint of milk chocolate. Caramelized peach, chewy licorice and candied orange. Gold, SF World Spirits Competition 2018

“Fresh apple scent accented by a touch of vanilla. On the palate, this is smooth, light and easy-sipping, leading with vanilla and caramel, plus gentle peat smoke floating into a baking spice finish.” 91pts Wine Enthusiast

“Refreshing palate of green melon, light honey, vanilla, cinnamon, cooked apple, and gooseberry, becoming sour. More complexity on the finish: spice, smoke, cooked fruits, and chalky Sweethearts candies.” 90pts Whisky Advocate

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