New Spirits Supplier: CNI Brands

Sep 19, 2019

Wine Warehouse is excited to announce our latest spirits partner, CNI Brands. A boutique spirit importer of high-quality artisanal brands from around the world.

CNI Brands distillery

CNI Brands was originally formed in 2007 to serve as the sole North American marketing and distribution company of Combier S.A.S.

Led by 3 brothers, Scott, Curt and Ryan Goldman, the company’s roots date back to 2002, when after a successful collegiate hockey career at Middlebury College, youngest brother Scott left the Green Mountains of Vermont with a hockey bag, a stick, a one-way plane ticket to Paris and a dream to play professional hockey in Europe. Two months and three training camps later, his dream became reality when he signed a one-year contract in the historic city of Tours in the heart of the garden of France – the Loire Valley.

Immediately on arrival, Scott was entranced by the spectacular farms, vineyards and distilleries that make the Loire Valley world famous, but one property in particular, nestled on the banks of the Loire River, stood out from the rest: La Distillerie Combier. Several visits later by all three brothers, the idea was born. The story of Combier had to come to North America.

Since the Goldmans acquired marketing and distribution rights for the Combier portfolio, CNI Brands has since grown into a leading boutique spirit importer representing high quality artisanal brands from around the world with U.S. distribution through our national network of outstanding wholesalers. The company’s vision remains the same: to build a portfolio of brands that stand the test of time. The team partners with unique suppliers that share this same vision as well as the values of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

CNI Brands_tequila-event
CNI Brands_Banhez-mezcal


CNI Brands combier liqueur d'orange

Combier Liqueur d’Orange is the world’s first triple sec still made to the same exacting standards created by JB Combier over 177 years ago. The natural orange aromas and flavors are exceptionally potent in this marvelous liqueur.

CNI Brands combier blanchette absinthe

A Swiss-style clear absinthe crafted entirely by hand in antique copper stills. Spanish green aniseed, organic wormwood from the Loire Valley, Roman wormwood, fennel from Provence, and hyssop, are macerated in a neutral grape-based alcohol and triple-distilled to yield a slightly sweet absinthe.

CNI Brands control c pisco

Produced in Chile’s breathtaking Limarí valley. Control C is made in copper stills using a triple distillation process which results in a crystal clear Pisco, unique among anything in its class due to its subtle, citrus aromas and smooth, balanced finish.

CNI Brands mezcal banhez joven ensemble

Comprised of 90% Espadin and 10% Barril, Banhez Ensemble is a delightfully mild, floral and fruity (pineapple, banana) mezcal perfect for first-time mezcal tasters. Winner of Best Mezcal and Double Gold awards at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

CNI Brands Libélula tequila

Different than your typical blanco, reposado, or añejo, Libélula is a “joven” which means it is a blend. The blanco contains the pure flavors of the agave, with citrus and grassy aromas, but the oak aged reposado adds spice and richness.

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