New Italian Brand: Pietra

Nov 20, 2018

Pietra is produced by Cantine Menhir located in the beautiful coastal region of Apulia (Puglia), Italy. They are focused on organic, sustainable and vegan farming and honoring the land from which their grapes come.

The Marangelli family began making wines through artisan processes that respect the time honored traditions of local winemaking, while experimenting with unfamiliar varietals and exploring new ways to emphasize the uniqueness of Apulia’s grapes and fertile soil. In these lush lands, between the two seas, Pietra wines are produced. Courtyards and gardens, vineyards with classic free standing Alberello training systems, ancient fortified farmhouses and underground olive presses evoke the rich history of the area.

The mission of the winery is to work hard and leave the earth in better shape for those who will come after us. There is a strict respect for the environment using only organic and natural processes. The winery expects to be certified organic in the coming year. Value is placed on authenticity and the vineyards are cultivated with love, care and respect for nature. It is family run and with a focus on quality wines. They currently have over 40 hectares of vineyards, an organic farm, and a restaurant on the property.


Salice Salentino is primarily made with the Negroamaro grape which has been planted in the Salice Salentino region since the sixth century B.C. Negroamaro grapes are thick skinned and have a deep black and purple coloring. Luminous ruby red color with an intense elegant and fruity nose of blueberry, hibiscus and sage. The mouthfeel is smooth with a nutty almond finish.

Susumaniello is one of the rarest grapes grown in all of Italy. It is grown almost exclusively in Salice Salentino and the areas surrounding Brindisi, in Southern Italy’s Apulia region. Classic Susumaniello has a deep ruby hue and aromas of red berries and plums. The more concentrated version, such as this Pietra, has peppery notes as well as dark chocolate.

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