New Brand: Hiro Sake

Jul 20, 2021


Hiro Product Background

Hiro Sake is a world class; hand crafted sake, created using expertise with an uncompromising approach to quality.


Hiro Sake was developed in 2011 by industry veterans, Carlos Arana, Marco Destefanis and Claudia Valotta. The founders, having worked together during their prolific careers realized that there were still untapped opportunities in the spirits industry. This partnership combined with their entrepreneurial spirit. They sought to create a new brand in a niche but growing category—sake—where the need for a modern recognizable brand in the U.S. was apparent. The American consumer knew very little about quality sake and how to define it. So, they set out on a mission to change it, and headed to Japan.


(Sake Made Simple)

The founders knew it was time for a premium sake to lead the category. Making it clear, understandable, with strong brand presence, along with clean packaging tailored to the American consumer like no other.  Focusing on the wellness attributes of premium Japanese sake such as: gluten free, preservative free, low sugar, and its versatility.

Launching Hiro Sake in the U.S. with Hiro Blue Junmai Ginjo and Hiro Red Junmai, it immediately started winning praise. A few years later, finally Hiro Gold Junmai Daiginjo made its U.S. debut, winning several awards. Today all three sakes have collectively won numerous awards and accolades, each holding gold medals awarded from the coveted San Francisco International Wine Competition (SFIWC).


Taiyo Sake Brewery is located in Murakami, the northernmost town in Niigata Prefecture, renowned for world-class handcrafted sake. Taiyo was formed through the merger of 14 different Murakami breweries, one brewery having been established in 1635.

During harvest season, the Murakami plain is blanketed in golden rice fields which provide an abundance of the best quality rice in Japan. The network of underground water channels which skirts around the Miomote River creates the perfect setting for brewing premium sake. In this rich environment, Taiyo strives to produce the finest sake available worldwide.

We continue to be excited about the growth of the sake category in the U.S. and are thrilled to partner with our colleagues at the Taiyo Sake Brewery to bring the best sake to the U.S. market.

Hiro Sake Brewery Rice Field
Hiro Sake Brewery Rice Field
Brewery workers
Group of brewers or Kurabitos dividing the rice into equal parts in the ‘koji room’.


Rice Plantation
Rice Plantation - The first stage in the cultivation of our Sake rice in Murakami, Niigata Prefecture.
Rice Field
Rice Field - Stunning green rice fields in the Murakami plains
Harvested Rice
Harvested Rice - Ready to start the production that will create Japanese Sake, Hiro Sake!
Rice Milling and Phases
Rice Milling and Phases - The rice used for Hiro Sake in three different stages, starting from left to right with the top grade rice called shuzo kotekimai (Sake rice), before being milled or “polished” to remove the outer layers; a medium phase in the process; and the final core or center of the grain, which is so precious it resembles a ‘pearl’.
Koji is steamed rice that has had an exquisite and benign fungus introduced onto it.
Koji is steamed rice that has had an exquisite and benign fungus introduced onto it. This delicate mold creates several enzymes that break the starches in the rice into sugars, which are then fermented by the yeast, creating the alcohol. Without koji, there is no Japanese Sake…

Meet: The Toji (Head Master Brewer)

The To-ji Or Sake Master has created an exquisite brew that bridges the heritage of the past with today’s modern drinking patterns. Masaru san is well respected in the Niigata Sake industry for his highly regarded skills, experience and intuition. He plays a very important role in the production of Hiro Sake.

Toji Master Brewer is taste testing freshly made sake
Toji Master Brewer is taste testing freshly made sake
Toji Master Brewer inspects freshly cut rice in the field.
Toji Master Brewer inspects freshly cut rice in the field.


Junmai Daiginjo (Hiro Gold)

Modest cantaloupe or banana aromas with gentle and fruity sweet flavor followed by an elegant and smooth aftertaste reminding you of a modest beautiful Japanese lady in Kimono. Hiro Gold Daiginjo Sake is  available in 720ml bottles.

Hiro Sake Blue Group 720ML 300ML Bottle

Junmai Ginjo (Hiro Blue)

Delicate vanilla maple nut fudge and spicy pear custard aromas; fruity and fresh, with banana undertones. On the palate, crisp and smooth, with hints of fruits and vanilla, and a savory sweet potato bread, white mushroom, tart cherry and jicama subtle nuances. Smooth, medium body-to-full body for a very well balanced finish.

Hiro Sake (Red) 300ML 720ML 180ML

Junmai (Hiro Red)

Very inviting earthy notes, creamy vanilla nougat with peppered pear and banana aromas. On the palate, delicate, light and smooth with a subtle sweetness and a complex silky, dry-yet-fruity with melon, tapioca, and white pepper accents, long finish and well rounded, with a medium body.

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