New 4-Pack Allagash Curieux Coming to California

Apr 17, 2018

Curieux is coming to 4-packs.

Allagash Curieux in 750ml and 12 oz bottles

California Allagash fans have been asking for this one for a long time, and the team is really happy to be delivering it.

For those less familiar, Curieux was the brewery’s first barrel-aged beer, and remains the most popular. The beer begins as Tripel, a Belgian-style golden ale. After brewing, it is aged for seven weeks in bourbon barrels. Once it’s finished aging, the beer is blended back with a small portion of fresh Tripel. The final blend presents balanced flavors of passion fruit, vanilla, coconut, and bourbon. Delicious.

“We were happy to see how fired up our fans have been,” said Rob Tod, founder/brewer at Allagash. “Everyone at the brewery is excited to have more opportunities to enjoy Curieux.”
This new format won’t change a thing for Curieux in 750ml bottles and draft. The four-packs of 12 oz. bottles will be sold in addition to the amount of Curieux that the team already makes.

“We’re really excited to be bringing 12 oz. bottles to California,” said Naomi Neville, Sales Director. “As it stands, more than a third of the Curieux we produce is sold in California alone.”

California is one of the first test markets for 12 oz. Curieux bottles. The biggest reason for starting with a limited distribution is quality. The Allagash team wants to make sure that they meet high standards for Curieux as they increase production for the new format. Because of that reality, they decided to only enter markets with an already strong demand for Curieux. Namely, California.

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