Interview with Winemaker Floriane Eznack

Dec 20, 2017

Title: Floriane Eznack, Cellar Master, Champagne Jacquart
Hometown: Reims, France
The number of years working at Champagne Jacquart:
I joined Jacquart in January 2011. 10 years’ experience in Champagne, time flies.

How did you decide to pursue a career in wine?

No-one in my family is involved in the wine industry, but my father is a wine lover. He taught me and my sisters how to taste by playing games. He initiated me into the fascinating world of wine tasting. I turned spontaneously towards winemaking when I decided to work as a cellar hand for a winery in my natal region, before studying enology.
As a young winemaker, I earned a Master’s Degree in Oenology in Reims in 2004. My studies included a couple of harvests in some of Champagne’s finest Houses, including Moët & Chandon.

What is your role and what does it involve?

My role as an oenologist is to oversee the consistency of the Champagne Jacquart style. As the cellar master for Jacquart, it is my job to know what the future of our wines will be in ten and twenty years’ time. I work for the future of Champagne Jacquart and for the person who will be my successor, which is both exciting and challenging!
We have worked on very interesting projects and we have in our cellars, wines to be released in the future that should be even more interesting… Patience…
Walk us through your winemaking philosophy
Each of our wines has a story to tell, the story of our relationship with all lovers of champagne. Each one offers a mosaic of emotions and sensations, depending on the context in which it has been chosen and tasted.
This audacious and international brand has made the name Champagne Jacquart resound all around the world, and takes infinite pleasure in transmitting its passion.
Our wineries and cellars are equipped with the most modern tools.
Only the very best juices stemming from the pulp, the best fraction of the berry called “cuvees”, are used in our blends for their freshness, their purity & their aromatic potential.
Clarified juices (clarified during 24 hours) are then sowed thanks to selected natural yeasts.
Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks and thermoregulated to protect the freshness of the aromas. A second, malolactic fermentation is made to naturally decrease the acidity of wines and contribute to the Jacquart style.
The volume of tanks, of 25hl in 400hl, allow us to isolate plots, to experiment, to express the potential of all the wines and the vineyards we wish.

Tell us a great memory you have with Jacquart Brut Mosaique

Champagne is all about pleasure and discovery.
The sensation, the emotion given by a wine varies according to the moment, your state of mind and your surroundings. Perfection is linked to true emotion.
Some examples for me:
Summertime with my friends on the beach at sunset, Manhattan Beach, LA.
Bedarra Island, Australia, sharing a magnum of Jacquart Brut Mosaïque with the 2 owners and 8 exclusive guests of the resort!
In Tokyo, in YOYOGI park under the cherry blossom trees, a Saturday afternoon Hanami.
Home, 7pm after a long day at work with my beloved and in the mood for freshness.


“Bright and lithe, with a finely detailed mousse and a fresh range of poached apple, white peach, candied lemon zest and ginger flavors. A lively aperitif.” 90pts Wine Spectator


“Firm acidity frames this well-knit rosé, which offers a creamy texture and a minerally base note. Hints of black raspberry and strawberry mix with flavors of blanched almond and biscuit.” 90pts Wine Spectator


“Firm and focused, with a soft, frothy mousse and rich hints of pastry cream and crystallized honey accenting the poached pear, smoked almond, whole-grain toast and lemon parfait flavors.” 91pts Wine Spectator

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