New Beer Brand: BRLO | Passionately Brewing Modern Beer in Berlin

Jan 06, 2023


As a Berlin brewery and gastronomy company, BRLO takes a stand for modern beer diversity and distinctive experiences. “BRLO” is the old Slavic name for Berlin and can only be pronounced without mistakes after a few beers.

A Franconian, a Berliner and a Mecklenburger founded the Berlin beer brand in 2014. Two of them – Katharina Kurz and Christian Laase – already knew each other from their studies. Master brewer Michael Lembke is the third person in the group who shared the vision and has been the mastermind of BRLO beers since the beginning. The team was only really complete in 2016, when Ben Pommer joined the founding crew and since then has been responsible for the culinary concept of BRLO gastronomy with his unmistakable passion. Katharina Kurz is the majority owner of BRLO and a pioneer for women in Beer.

Ben Pommer, Christian Laase, Katharina Kurz, Michael Lembke


BRLO combines the best quality, responsibility and Berlin’s attitude to life in a stylish way to create a unique beer and brand experience.


Berlin, our home, has an unmistakeable edge — intense, lively and self-confident—just like us.


Quality as a standard is the basis for our sustainable and long-term success. We are demanding and dynamic, and want to be the leader of our competition.


For our environment, employees, partners, customers and guests. We are socially committed, stand up for equality and tolerance and are both honest and fair.

BRLO Berliner Weisse
BRLO Happy Pils cans


BRLO believes so: climate neutrality should not be a topic only for the big players. Since 2021, the brewery has been working together with Planetly to measure theCO2 footprint of their own production, to offset it in a meaningful way and, in parallel, to improve their own processes and procedures in order to emit lessCO2 in the first instance. BRLO will brew climate neutrally from 2021.


The BRLO can Core Range has been available since 2020. In 2021, they has expanded the product line again, offering BIO certified cider in three varieties: Classic Apple, Rosé, Wild Berries.


This Berliner Weiss is served cold and neat – with no syrup, of course! A refreshing sour beer is the perfect companion on a warm summer day. Even Napoleon appreciated this beer and called it “Champagne de Nord.” 4% ABV

German IPA

The brewmaster’s favorite! According to the motto: “Learn the rules, then break them”, BRLO has taken on this classic style and BRLO-fied it: a reinterpretation of the classic India Pale Ale brewed with 100% German ingredients. Hops from the Hallertau, malt from Franconica, and Berlin water. The addition of dark malt brings dulcet notes of caramel which are balanced out by ripe red fruit and spiced aromas from German hops Polaris, and Hüll Melon. 7% ABV

Hoppy Pils

A New Age Pilsner is a joy to drink. Noble hops bring citrus notes to this flowery, fruity beer, complemented by a pleasant bitterness. Like Pilsner, only hoppier. Like tradition, only rethought. Like your day, only much better. 4.9% ABV

Pale Ale

Pale Ale is everybody’s darling and rightly so! Wonderfully fruity and hoppy, its subtle mango notes will magically wrap anyone around its finger. This Pale Ale offers a gentle, spicy introduction to BRLO’s beer variety and remains your loyal companion from the curb to the skyline. 5% ABV

Apple Cider

Fine tart apple notes from the best all-natural apples make for a sparkling experience. Full flavor, pleasantly sour and a hint of sweetness, this is exactly how classic cider should taste. 4.5% ABV

Rosé Cider

This all-natural apple cider has a crush on rhubarb and pomegranate. Fruity, fresh, and with a pleasantly tart note. The perfect aperitif for a sparkling start to the afternoon, evening or all night. PRST! 4.5% ABV

Wild Berries Cider

BRLO cider is fruitful. In this case, tangy organic apple meets sweet wild berries. With a fruity-dry finish and beautiful notes of blackberry and cherry, this Wild Berries Cider makes you want more. Rrrrr! 4.5% ABV

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