New Packaging From Blue Ice Vodka

Jun 14, 2017

Blue Ice Vodka Pays Homage to its Heritage with New Packaging

This June, Blue Ice Vodka, America’s premium handcrafted potato vodka unveiled their all-new packaging.

While the new bottle is sleek and modern, certain design elements have been incorporated to reflect the product’s handcrafted origin. But not to worry, Blue Ice’s award-winning recipe remains the same.

The new packaging embodies Blue Ice Vodka’s brand commitment to authenticity, simplicity, and modernism while also drawing inspiration from pre prohibition-era bottles.“Blue Ice Vodka has always been a premium product with rich history, so we’re thrilled to be debuting a new packaging that invokes a true Made-In-America feel,” said Thomas Gibson, President 21st Century Spirits.

New features include a streamlined label that contains the brand’s logo, an inset embossment of Idaho’s state emblem, and an inspection seal bearing the proprietor’s initials. The bottle, with its new long neck for easy pouring, also features an embossed font at the base stating the vodka’s birthplace, Rigby, Idaho. Lastly, Blue Ice’s gluten-free seal, its ingredients, and a description of the production process are displayed on the new label copy.

While Blue Ice Vodka’s updated packaging is an exciting addition to the brand, it is important to reiterate what makes it the #1 selling handcrafted, premium, American potato vodka in the country. The vodka’s key ingredients are potatoes sourced from the Idaho Russet Region and fresh water from the Grand Teton Mountains that are of the highest quality. These elements are combined with Blue Ice Vodka’s continuous column distillation and patented five-stage filtration process. The finished result is one of the purest American-made spirits on the market that is also certified gluten-free and Non-GMO.

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